IT Deurali doesn't just want to be a software company. We want to be an example company in Nepal. Besides economic values and individual development, we also have felt great need of social responsibilities from different industries for the development of Nepal. And this is not happening by ones effort and we can't force others for this. So we have taken first step and for this Chautari is special branch of IT Deurali which will look after such activities.

Chautari is a place where people can gather and talk. We, IT Deurali, want to provide such virtual technical platform like Chautari where IT Professionals can meet, talk, discuss and develop their ideas into something. With this we will also be able to follow our motto From ideas to solutions. Hence Chautari is everythig, it's Research lab for professionals, it's school for students, it's resource center for needy. It's Chautari of IT Deurali.

Currently Chautari has two active programs.
Sometimes inventive acts are not the result of tinkering but they come into the mind of an inventor in a "flash of genius". And that instance of time or entire period of time may be difficult time for the inventor.

To help inventors in such difficult situations we have established the concept of IT Deurali Research Lab. Through this program we have decided to resource research project of students. Resource may include:
Work space at IT Deurali
Free mentorship
Training from experts
Resource materials like computer, tab, printer etc.
for more information contact us @ 9856037773
Internship has become nightmare in Nepal. College study has become more conventional instead of modern and students depend on notes and photocopies resulting in very less technical and practical knowledge. Internship is only period where student can learn corporate culture but since we don't have giant software companies which can dedicatedly mentor interns. This means interns have to depend on themselves to surf the vast and enormously growing ocean of technology. Only few students gets correct direction through the chaos and diversity of the Internet.

This has become problem not only for student but also for software companies for finding good manpower for the company. So we are launching an internship program where we will enroll good number of graduate student and train them explicitly under direct supervision of expert for certain period of time. Outstanding performers will be honored with advance internship program and we guarantee jobplacement for them.
PS: This program is free of cost.
for more information contact us @ 9856037773